Distance Selling Regulations

Distance Selling Regulations only pertain currently to transactions that are between a consumer and a business. Therefore transactions that are between businesses are exempt from the Distance Selling Regulations.

If you purchase items as a consumer you have the right to cancel this contract under The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. To do so, you must send a written notice of cancellation to Sandwell Model Flying Club of, within 7 days of your receipt of the order.

You must then return the goods to us, to the address we specify within 7 days of us having requested that you do so. You must also pay the cost of returning the items to us. We may charge for our costs of recovering equipment if the equipment is not returned to us directly or we may elect to charge you for the goods as if they had not being cancelled as you have not returned them.

In this guidance:

a “consumer” means any natural person who, in contracts to which these Regulations apply, is acting for the purposes which are outside of his business.

The “Supplier” in relation to these regulations is Sandwell Model Flying Club.

The “Goods and Services” in relation to these regulations are described within the site.

The “Price of goods” in relation to these regulations is displayed within the site, including all relevant taxes.

The “Delivery costs” in relation to these regulations is displayed within the site.

The “Arrangements regarding payment and delivery” in relation to these regulations are detailed within the site.

All prices quoted on the website are offers and until the order is accepted by the company may be changed without notice, until such time as the company, Sandwell Model Flying Club quotes the customer, or confirms an offer price displayed herein.

You should not that there are some items even a consumer may not return under the Distance Selling Regulations, contact Sandwell Model Flying Club for more information.

Distance Selling Regulations, This is an indicative means of Distance Communication:

Unaddressed printed matter, Addressed printed matter, Letter, Press advertising with order form, Catalogue, Telephone with human intervention, Telephone without human interventions (automatic calling machine, audiotext), Radio, Videophone (telephone with screen), Videotext (microcomputer and television screen) with keyboard or touch screen, Electronic Mail, Facsmile Machine (Fax), Television (teleshopping).

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