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Sandwell Model Flying club is a small, community based club. We  launched in 2015, with the support of Sandwell Council our small group of founder members toured the Sandwell Valley Country Park with Park Rangers exploring potential sites. Membership is focused on a residential proximity of about 10 miles from West Bromwich and with a target figure of up to 40 members. Disabled access is being developed further to accommodate the fullest measure of support for the whole community. 

Our club is affiliated to the BMFA, and it is a condition that all members are also members of this national organisation and thereby have a high level of Public Indemnity insurance. The club encourages pilots from across the full breadth of aircraft types both IC & Electric. Members are encouraged to study for and achieve a minimum of BMFA Basic Proficiency Certificate in addition to expanding their proficiency to advanced ‘A’ and ‘B’ achievement schemes. Our Instructors run regular training opportunities with members, simply calling to arrange a slot in the instructors timetable.

Our flying field is available for all members and all craft between 10am and 9pm seven days a week. Membership year run from June to May. Prospective new members are requested to contact the Chairman, John Bates, in the first instance or to attend the monthly Club Meeting.

Tel:07775740231 email info@sandwellmodelflyingclub.co.uk

Chairman's Introduction

I am John Bates and I am the Chairman of Sandwell Model Flying Club.

Whether you are an existing member, prospective member or a visitor I am delighted to welcome you to the club’s new website.

Our website is informative about model flying generally but it also carries specific information for our members. We are proud to be building a community focused club. The website hosts our Club Blog and Events Diary. Our Members Forum enables us to share our experiences and flying best practices.

Happy surfing! 

John Bates 

A bird’s eye view of our flying field which continues to be maintained ready for flying.

   For location and access directions, CLICK HERE 

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    The club appointed trainers at present are:- Martyn Perks Mike Dicken Mike Davis Steve Buckley

    Model Aircraft & Drone Flying – Be Lawful – Be Safe – Be Responsible

    Important Notice! BMFA ISSUED WITH AN UPDATED ARTICLE 16 AUTHORISATION (17/5/2021) Latest regulations update for model aircraft & drone flying for BMFA members:- Following a ‘strategic review of model flying’ which the CAA completed earlier...

    Website Refresh

    The SMFC website has undergone a refresh of content in order to make it current, and ensure our club information and updates are more reachable by existing and prospective club members. Please continue to access the website for featured...

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