The Club was launched with a website acting as our Shop Window so “flyers” searching BMFA website for a club in the Midlands will find us.
Over the years Membership has grown steadily from 5 to 50ish.

During 2018 Rainford introduced a WhatsApp group for SMFC members – any member with a smart phone can join
Download the WharsApp App by going to your Apps Store on your Apple or Android phone – its Free and easy.
Then let Rainford know that you want to be added to the Club group.- 07872309282
Members going flying.send a message and all of us in the group get the message instantly and a chance to reply saying YES great I will see you there or if you are at work then just feel jealous.

I have set up a private SMFC group Facebook. It is not seen by the general public but members can share experiences, show off NEW planes, easily, and even load photos and videos about planes for sale etc

Yes there are issues about privacy of data that apply to members individually and to the Club administration>
I hope that these can be discussed and help given at our next meeting – Tuesday 5th June 2018.
Following this I will update our “Shop Window” to reflect our current activity, key personnel and membership.
This will get the club off to a flying start for our 2018-19 season.

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